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Visit us in our office in the Cargoterminal (5th floor) and enjoy the amazing view over the Munich international airport (MUC).


ISO 14001 - Environmental Responsibility
Within our process of permanent improvement, Leanflex Organistation & Logistik GmbH could again reduce the CO2 emission volume in 2015.

This action is part of our integrated environmental protection management system which is certified by the ISO 14001:2004 standard.

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Leanflex expands Truck Fleet
Leanflex expands Truck Fleet
The Leanflex Organisation & Logistik GmbH is pleased that
from now on we will meet the increased requirements of our
customers due to our enlarged truck fleet. And at the same
time, we satisfy the sustainable growth of the last months.
Thanks to the innovative BLUETEC5 technology by
Mercedes Benz, we already meet highest requirements for efficiency and environmental protection.

The newly developed design of the finishing pursues the brand
development and corporate identity of the brand Leanflex in a dynamic way.
Boosting quality standard
By the anual quality audit the DEKRA Certification GmbH once again proofs the high international quality standard in all processes and services for the Leanflex Organisation & Logistik GmbH .

Within the new DIN ISO 9001:2008 (new revision) certified quality management system the Leanflex Organisation & Logistik GmbH reneweds its 100% quality commitment to all customers, partners and stakeholders.

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Leanflex boosting availability
The Leanflex Organisation & Logistik GmbH websites are now available via 4 new toplevel internet domains.
Take a short look at: ; ; ;

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