Responsibility & Sustainability

Sustainability to us means that our company strives to maintain a balance between economic success and protection of natural resources as well as social responsibility.

Social Responsibility:
As a successful company, employer and trainer, we feel responsible for our personnel, partners, suppliers and everyone. With special efforts, we dedicate ourselves to support underprivileged persons (e.g. Project BETRAWATI as well as an orphanage in Munich) so that more equal opportunities exist for them.

Environmental Protection:
We take the protection of our natural resources and our environment very seriously. Apart from our permanent efforts to promote paperless operational procedures, our IT structure exclusively runs on renewable energy sources (1und1 AG). At our Munich Airport division, we not only provide the perfect and direct interface accessing all mode of transports, but we also minimize the number of freight transports from external sites.

Environmental management system - ISO 14001:2015 certified
Since the year 2012 Leanflex Organisation & Logistik GmbH is proud to be certified as a ISO 14001:2015 company by taking special responsibility on environmental protection and saving natural ressources.

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